Flussonic is video streaming server that can host several thousand concurrent users from a single server
Ico 2 Easy installation and configuration via
Web UI
Ico 3 Inset advertising and assembly statistics
Ico 4 Recording endless video archives
Ico 5 Cross-datacenter cloud integration
Ico 6

One of the most advanced video streaming service on the market! Relaying video from camcorders, cameras, satellite, etc. to computers, tablets, phones and televisions.

Ico 7

Erlivideo company is implementing Flussonic video streaming server and associated developments complete video solutions.

Ico 8

The Erlyvideo company's specialists take support, monitoring and maintenance of your video hosting.

Ico 9 Clients
Ico 10 Erlyvideo, LLC
107076, Moscow, Russia,
3-rd Vladimirskaya str.,
b. 25/1